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massachusetts drone inspection

Massachusetts Home Inspections is now performing aerial drone roof inspections as a no-charge, as-needed service with my home inspections. If I approach your prospective home and I am unable to safely view 100% of an inaccessible area of the roof from the ground with binoculars, I will utilize my remote-controlled Autel Evo II drone to safely fly over any home (outside of FAA controlled airspace). This will allow me to view and obtain close-up aerial photos and videos of all hard-to-reach areas of the roof (and its components) from above the property. I then take all saved images and videos to my office for further close-up review and pass that information (and the video) along to you by end of day.


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My drone contains a GPS Flight Mode that makes it quite simple (and completely safe) to utilize while it is actively flying over any Massachusetts home. It comes fully equipped with hands-free hovering and obstacle avoidance, which allows me to concentrate more on obtaining crucial images without worrying about coming in contact with objects near the home. While this quad-copter is flying in uncontrolled airspace, it has a maximum legal range of 400 feet over the structure and 30+ minutes of flight time on one battery. My drone is more than well-equipped to visually inspect any roof, its components, the chimney, and all roof penetrations that are too high and inaccessible for a me to reach safely with my ladder. Wi-Fi and Blu-tooth allow me to link my drone’s HD camera to my iPhone (attached to the controller) which enables me to view what the camera is viewing in real time.

I have been asked by potential clients about a cost of utilizing my drone when inspecting Massachusetts homes. I do not charge extra fees for drone use (or for that matter) any tool that I own. My tools (and I) all come as an inspection package to you…my client. I invest in today’s technology to go above and beyond and to be the best possible Massachusetts home inspector that I can be. It’s all about delivering additional information to my clients but doing so in a safe manner.

The Federal Aviation Administration rules currently allow recreational drone use under certain circumstances, but prohibits “commercial usage” of UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles). My drone and myself are fully registered with the FAA and I will always contact them (in live time) in order to obtain permission before flying my drone above any home where I need to obtain better visual access. When I do utilize my drone, I use common sense and follow all existing FAA rules for recreational use, which include remaining in sight of the drone at all times, never flying higher than 400 feet, staying well clear of manned aircraft and at least 5 miles away from airports.

massachusetts drone inspections

For additional information regarding my drone use, I will be available for questions on-site.

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Here is what my clients have to say about my home inspection services:

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Dave had an impressive website that seemed to be too thorough to be anything but genuine. The thing that seemed to sell me was that he says right on his website that you may pay a little more for his service, but that his quality is higher. So I decided to give him a try even though I had no reference from another person hoping for someone of top quality. I was not disappointed. He was at the home early as promised and had done an inspection of the exterior and was writing up notes so that when I arrived, he walked me through the exterior first. Even with his early arrival, we were still there for about 3 hours looking through every little corner and cubby. He would occasionally stop and fill out his inspection forms which were easy to follow and read; he gives you a full folder of his notes that are well organized.

Dave was open to all questions and concerns so every time I saw something that was potentially concerning to me, he would look, give his opinion and often shared other experiences with similar circumstances. He also had a good sense of humor which helped to lighten what can be a stressful experience (having someone pointing out problem items that you didn't see). I would highly recommend Massachusetts Home Inspections.



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Last updated on  Nov 18, 2021