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I want to thank you for your interest in Massachusetts Home Inspections. If it's a professional Board Certified Master Inspector® you are seeking, you've clicked your way to the right web site. My name is David Valley and I am the founder of Massachusetts Home Inspections, which is located in Methuen, Massachusetts. I personally perform every home inspection myself and I always give my home inspection clients the utmost personal attention they deserve. That is one benefit that is not always possible with the large multiple inspector firms in Massachusetts. As a licensed professional, I have a fiduciary responsibility to all my home inspection clients and I have high regard for every last one of them. I respect the fact that my clients rely on me and my immense home inspection knowledge to personally assist them during their home buying process.

My inspection standards are always amongst the highest in the home inspection industry and meet or exceed every standard set by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and the Master Inspector Certification Board (Home of the best Board Certified home inspectors in the world). I have the trained eye and many years of home inspection experience to accurately assess the condition of any size home in Massachusetts. I also possess the communication skills to clearly describe the inspection results directly to you. With my level of integrity, my overall customer satisfaction, and my obsession with inspecting homes, I will be providing you with the best choice for your home inspection needs. You will be hiring a Master Home Inspector who is fully experienced in inspecting everything from high end (fully loaded) multimillion-dollar homes to the much older historical homes that were built in the late 1800's.

Every home buyer would like to be fully informed as to what their prospective purchase consists of, so...during your home inspection, I will be continuously conversing with you throughout our entire walk-through and answering every question that you may have. Whether it be relaying pertinent information (to you) regarding proper home maintenance or simply pointing out the existing defects, you will be taking in all sorts of information regarding your new home. So, prepare yourself...my home inspections are not tedious. It will consist of lots of information that may appear to be overwhelming to you (at first), but there's no need to remember a thing...every little detail will be annotated into your comprehensive home inspection report.

I will inspect your new home in the same manner I would inspect a home that I would be purchasing myself. During your home inspection, I would like you to walk right alongside me. This gives me the opportunity to slowly and methodically walk you through your prospective home and fully educate you on all of its features in order for you to fully understand your property and what is required to maintain it over the coming years. There are many parameters of a home that require a professional evaluation and I have included the list of my inspection items for your viewing at "What Do I Inspect". I will be assessing those areas where upgrades or replacements may be necessary soon and I'll be screening for those costly defects and safety issues that could lead to serious problems in your future living conditions. I'll be squeezing through every little nook and cranny of the home to locate and identify any problem areas that may need attention now. I will be your knowledgeable consultant who will be on-site for your exclusive benefit in providing you with essential decision-making data. This is also the perfect opportunity for you to ask me questions while we view and consider the object of your investment together.

As an added Bonus; along with every Massachusetts Home Inspection report, I will include a complimentary 64 (sixty-four) page home maintenance manual "Know Your Home" (that I have personally written myself) for every home inspection client. This guide contains invaluable information that will fully explain (in detail) every concern that you may encounter in your newly purchased property. This comprehensive manual has all the answers and is a must for every Massachusetts homeowner.

Before you invest hundreds of thousands of dollars purchasing a home in Massachusetts; be sure you hire Massachusetts Home Inspections to verify that your chosen home does not contain major defects from years of neglect and to minimize the risk of any future complications which could potentially cost you thousands of dollars in unforeseen repairs after you move in.

I am a Certified Master Inspector, I'm licensed in the State of Massachusetts; Internationally Certified and Fully Insured. I am also Fully Registered with the FAA in order to legally hover my Autel EVO 2 drone over Massachusetts homes, in order to acquire high-resolution aerial videos of non-accessible rooftops. See "Aerial Drone inspections".

I can and will reduce the risk of any major or expensive surprises that may happen after you take ownership of your new Massachusetts home. Through my commitment, experience, and expertise, I will be establishing and personalizing a business relationship with you that will last for as long as you own your home. I am (and always will be) available as your private consultant for as long as you own your home.

Please browse my web site by utilizing the navigation bar on the right. My site contains all the information you'll ever need concerning your upcoming Massachusetts Home Inspection. The most informative portion of my website is located at "Know Your Home".

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Here is what my clients have to say about my home inspection services:

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Dear David,

I just wanted to write a quick thank-you for the professional and informative job that you did at my home inspection on Monday. As a first time home buyer I was incredibly nervous going into the inspection not knowing what to expect - what should I be asking? What should I be looking for? it was all very overwhelming. However, after the first 15 minutes of the inspection, you quickly put all of my fears to rest!

The way that you took the time to point out and explain to me everything that you were looking for, as well as all of the helpful suggestions that you so freely gave out instantly, had put my mind at ease. I was able to feel that I was in good hands and knew that I had a “Professional” doing the job. This was solidified for me at the end of the inspection when you went over your extensive report with me, item by item ensuring that I fully understood what was there.

Your professionalism and expertise was so greatly appreciated. If ever anyone asks for a recommendation please feel free to give them my name, it would be my pleasure to help put another home buyer’s worried mind to ease by letting them know that with Massachusetts Home Inspections, they can count on a professional job well done.

With Kind Regards,

Karen S.


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