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Massachusetts Home Inspections is now offering aerial drone roof inspections as a no-charge, as-needed service with my Home Inspections. If I ever come into a situation where I am unable to safely view 100% of an inaccessible area of a roof with my own two eyes, I will then utilize my remote-controlled Phantom Vision+ drone to safely fly over your prospective home to view and obtain aerial photos and videos of all hard-to-reach areas of the roof (and its components) from above the property.

My Phantom 2 Vision+ contains a GPS Flight Mode that makes it quite simple (and safe) to utilize while it is actively flying over homes.  It comes fully equipped with hands-free programming and hovering, which allows me to concentrate more on obtaining important images without worrying about controlling the quadcopter while it is flying in the air.  Wi-Fi and Blu-tooth allow me to link my drone’s HD camera to my personal iPhone (attached to the controller) which enables me to view what the camera is viewing in real time. With a maximum range of over 400 feet and 25 minutes of flight time on one battery, my drone is more than well-equipped to visually inspect the roof, its visible components, the exterior of the chimney, and all visible roof penetrations that are too high for a me to reach safely with a ladder.

I have been asked by potential clients about a cost of utilizing my drone when inspecting homes. I do not charge extra to use my drone (or for that matter) any tool that I own. My tools and I all come as a package to you…my client. I invest in today’s technology to go above and beyond and to be the best possible home inspector that I can be. It’s about delivering more to my clients and staying safe during the home inspection.

The Federal Aviation Administration rules currently allow recreational drone use under certain circumstances, but prohibits “commercial usage” of drones. When I utilize my drone, I use common sense and follow all existing FAA rules for recreational use, which include remaining in sight of the drone at all times, never flying higher than 400 feet, staying well clear of manned aircraft and at least 5 miles away from airports (Sorry Boston residents, FAA controls air space in your area and prohibits the use of UAV's (unmanned aerial Vehicles) within 5 miles of Logan airport).


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Here is what my clients have to say about my home inspection services:

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Hi Dave,

I am writing to let you know how my home inspection went today in Tyngsboro. The inspection went well and we look forward in moving forward in purchasing our new home. What I am really writing about is to tell you how pleased I was with your work. You were very thorough and took your time on the inspection. As first time home buyers, you took some extra time to explain things that you didn't have to and it really was invaluable!

I have several friends and family members that are also getting ready to purchase homes, and I look forward to sharing my experience with your company with them. I will certainly be recommending Massachusetts Home Inspections and will speak highly of you and also share how pleased I was with the output of the inspection.

Best regards,

Crystal F.


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Last updated on  Mar 21, 2015